7 Extraordinary Industrial House Design Concepts

7 Extraordinary Industrial House Design Concepts

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On this occasion, I will discuss more fully about industrial home design. Industrial style has been a favorite lately. Especially the interior appearance in commercial spaces. However, not a few who try to apply it in private residences. You can too. Whether your home is modern or vintage, industrial elements can provide interesting visual additions.

Industrial architectural style initially penetrated European interior design and architecture due to the many former factory buildings that are no longer in use. In order not to be neglected, adjustments are made so that these buildings can be used as decent and comfortable dwellings. However, despite some adjustments, the original character of the building was intentionally not removed.

Accentuating a semi-finished structural look like leaving a wall without paint is one of the features of this design. Applying industrial style to the home does require courage. Because if a little wrong, the house will look dull and dark. Therefore, from one element to another, they must influence each other.

Industrial is a matter of exposure. Structural elements of a building on display. Showing a semi-finished appearance, not finished, but looks very cohesive and edgy

The following are basic things to know about industrial style and how to apply it in your home.

  1. Open ceiling

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    This is truly the hallmark of industrial interior design.
    Leave open structural and mechanical elements; which in other interior styles is always hidden, becomes the boldest step. The matter of exposure to structural elements has long been a very unique and popular thing in terms of interior arrangement, especially in the interiors of modern homes.

  2. The combination of wood and metal

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    The interaction of wood texture with rough surfaces and metal or metal that is shiny, slightly black, gold or copper is another feature of industrial design. The combination of metal and wood will have an unexpected impact on every room in the house and will make industrial features more visible.

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    Chrome accents on the table legs, plus typical rustic wood, is a visualization of industrial furniture that you must have if you want a unique and attractive atmosphere of industrial style. So indeed the elements of wood and metal must be the most important compared to other elements.

  3. Wall and Color Design of Industrial Homes

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    Exposed brick walls are an amazing feature possessed by industrial style. The inherent peculiarity shows a very attractive visualization.

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    This exposed brick wall was even widely adapted to other interior styles. The bricks themselves have long been known for their durability and long life. Bricks are usually left to look like the original and not finished.
    If you want to use a wall with paint you know that when you enter a room in an industrial style, you rarely see striking colors. Such as red, yellow, blue and others. Everything is identical with a dark color or monochrome color. The color gray or neutral color, indeed the most dominant. Make the style more assertive and provide warmth from the room. The furniture part also uses more gray, brown or black.

  4. Lighting

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    This is a challenging aspect, but there are a lot of lighting options available today.
    Houses without lighting will certainly look dark and unhealthy. Even though industrial homes are more dominant with dark or neutral colors, you have to take into account the lighting. Make the best possible lighting, in several corners of the room. So that all light can enter properly.
    Industrial chandeliers coated in porcelain, aluminum cage bulbs, and striped glass, are some of the types of lamps that describe old factories. Various lamps with such shapes are widely available on the market today. Buy a large chandelier that fits your budget and install it in the dining room, at the entrance, or in the hallway of your home.

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    For the window design, you can use black iron and make it simple. No need to design a window that is too complicated. Simple enough to add to the industrial impression. Use a black lamp that is hung, then the hanging part is slightly visible.

  5. Floor

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    To continue to pay attention to the nuances of industry, many industrial style houses choose and use polished concrete floors. This is a practical as well as economical choice, which fits in well with the theme. Rough, imperfections, and patches can make a little difference. And the effect is very amazing.

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    While for those of you who want to add some contrast and warmth to an industrial-style interior, the choice of wood or stone material is a careful thing. The second choice of floor material is also able to work very well in this unique interior.

  6. Building System

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    Water, electricity, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ducts are often left exposed to old industrial factories. However, the factories lately put forward the functional functions of the building, so the elements are hidden in the walls. Indeed, not all pipelines are suitable to be placed in the interior. However, you can add cool industrial elements in a more subtle way. For example: putting together a few pieces of pipe in the kitchen. You can also use galvanized pipes for homemade table legs, shelving brackets, or coat hangers.
    The forms of ornaments or patterns in industrialist designs are not much different from those applied to modern and minimalist designs, namely firm and perpendicular lines. This pattern makes industrialist design still look modern although it often uses natural material and seems old.

  7. Decoration and Furniture

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    A home without decoration will be useless, because this decoration makes the house more alive. For industrial homes, of course you should consider the decoration as well as possible, so that the concept of industrial homes is increasingly visible.
    You can choose a chair made of wood or metal that stands out. For other decoration, also match the color with other color elements. You can also use used items to make beautiful home decorations.
    Thus our review of how to design an industrial home. If you can manage it well, of course you will get a beautiful and unique home design. But if a little wrong, will make the house dull and messy.

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    All structural elements exposed will not mean much if not balanced with the gentle touch of some decorations and the use of furniture typical of the industrial style. Luxury sofas, pillows or even carpets can provide a contrasting and interesting visual balance.
    Or plants. It can also bring warmth and freshness into an industrial style home. Therefore, pay attention to all the elements as well as possible.

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