7 Most Popular House Concept Ideas

7 Most Popular House Concept Ideas

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There are many home design concepts that you can use to build your house. First of all before I determine what type of house, the first thing I ask someone is “What kind of house do you want? Is there a sample picture?”. Now from these questions that arouse I want to make a blog about home.

From the experience of my work as home-making services, things that are often asked to consumers. From there, I can decide, oh apparently wants a model home with this concept, combined with this oh etc.

For more details and I have learned a few years neighbor house concepts in want people in general. The good thing I have learned through books, sharing with friends and consumers, and surfing the internet. If there is something to add to my article, let’s share it together. Here is a concept house that I will share.


1. Modern House Concept

The concept of a modern home design is a design concept that precedes the emergence of minimalist design concepts and also contemporary design concepts. This design concept emerged in the Middle Ages which was used to replace traditional and classical design concepts. This design concept is distinguished by the many uses of new materials in decoration. One of them is the use of plastic, vinyl and other materials found in modern times as one of the inventions.


7 Most Popular House Concept Ideas
source : https://archinect.com/

In addition, the concept of modern homes is also often associated with the use of metal materials as a part of the design concept. For the arrangement and selection of furniture is actually not much different from the concept of minimalist design where the use of decoration in this modern home design concept is also used.

7 Most Popular House Concept Ideas
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The key one for the concept of this modern home is Functional and form is one that stands out in it.


2. Minimalist House Concept

7 Most Popular House Concept Ideas
Source : https://7desainminimalis.com

The minimalist design concept is a design concept that is preceded by a modern design concept. That is what causes this design concept to become one of the design concepts that can be considered difficult to distinguish. Starting from the product selection of functions and also from its form to the use of decorations that are minimized.

As few stories as I have ever read, in London and New York, modern minimalist home architectural designs began to be popular in the late 1980s. Architects and fashion designers try to create the concept of simplicity by using white elements, lighting that seems cool, large spaces with minimal objects and furniture. Architects Ludwid Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier are the two architects who have the greatest influence on the element of simplicity in the dynamics of minimalist architecture.

In modern minimalist architectural design, architecture or building design uses only the most basic needs. Minimalism in architecture emphasizes things that are essential and functional. Geometric shapes and no decoration are minimalist architectural characters.

Minimalist architects not only consider the physical quality of buildings, they also look deeply into an invisible spiritual dimension, with more attention to details, people, space, nature, and materials. They found that something that was abstract and did not look like natural light, heaven, earth, and air actually had qualities.

In a minimalist home architecture design, design is used to convey a message of simplicity. The basic geometric shapes, the absence of decoration, the use of simple materials and the repetition of structures are characteristic of minimalism. Natural lighting makes the building look simple and clean. Minimalist architects have the motto “listen to figure”, by searching for the essence of simplicity by rediscovering valuable qualities in simple and common materials.

7 Most Popular House Concept Ideas
Source : https://freshouz.com

So what’s the difference between the concept of a minimalist home design with a modern? The difference is from the original purpose of the construction of this minimalist design concept. The concept of a minimalist home design is a design concept created to simplify the construction of a house so that not so many details and can shorten the construction time. Not only that minimalist home construction is also one way to solve the problem of narrow land so that it can still build a comfortable home. This is what distinguishes the two. This is also what causes the concept of a minimalist home tends to have open space so that air and light can go in and out freely so that the house feels more comfortable.


3. Contemporary House Concept

7 Most Popular House Concept Ideas
Source : amazingarchitecture.net

For the concept of this contemporary home is actually arguably more suitable as a trend compared to the design concept. This concept arises from the existence of a minimalist home that always includes natural aspects in it. Natural aspects commonly used in minimalist homes are rock or wood. While the concept of a house with wood is a concept that is closely related to traditional houses. This is what then suggests a house with a contemporary concept that is a modern house with a minimalist style that has a slight blend of traditional concepts so as to create a trend of new home design concepts which of course is interesting and produces a comfortable home.

To add to the understanding of this contemporary design that I got. Contemporary Architecture is a style of architectural flow that emerged in the late 20th century until today and also displays something different by displaying certain qualities, especially in terms of the use of technology and also freedom in displaying an architectural style. Contemporary architectural design principles show a newer and more recent style. The old style which is referred to as contemporary will produce a form of architectural design that is fresher and different from the others.

7 Most Popular House Concept Ideas
Source : https://www.luxury-architecture.net

What is the character of contemporary design like?

The dynamic trend which is the main character of contemporary design makes it seem changing every time. However, we will try to explain several types of design elements that give a touch of contemporary style.


4. Farmhouse Concept

There are various architectural design style concepts that can be applied to home designs. One of them is the design of a farmhouse house, which accentuates the natural and natural characteristics of the countryside. The typical design of a farmhouse style also applies a calm and warm atmosphere of the house, so as to provide comfort for residents of the house.


7 Most Popular House Concept Ideas
Source : https://www.lindsayhillinteriors.com
In its history, a farmhouse or often also called a farmhouse is often also combined with a place for animals. A house with a design like this is suitable to be built in the countryside and around agriculture.

Farmhouse style home decor is a decor that applies a rural atmosphere that is calm and blends with nature into the room. At present there are indeed many who are interested in this farmhouse concept. Starting from here lah, emerging trends for home decor farmhouse. Then how do you apply the style of a farmhouse in the house?

7 Most Popular House Concept Ideas
source : https://www.designtrends.com

The main key of the concept of a farmhouse is calmness and comfort. Simply put, this farmhouse-style house you can find in a cowboy movie. Although initially the concept of a farmhouse-style home design functions for the concept of a residence in a rural area, but in its development the concept of a farmhouse style was also widely applied in urban areas, which also applied to minimalist homes.


5. Rustic House Concept

7 Most Popular House Concept Ideas
Source : https://www.maxhouseplans.com

Rustic Architecture is an architectural style from the United States that is used for government buildings in the village or the structure and interior of private homes. This style is influenced by the style of American craftsmen. In the world of architecture and interior rustic style is interpreted to have a rough texture and not finishing well. The point is the arrangement of home and interior design that is more focused on the natural impression.

A little history in the Roman era to the Renaissance, the rustic style is more focused on finishing the fa├žade using rocks that have a rough texture and contrast, with other ornaments that can beautify the room. In the 18th century, this characteristic of unfinished rustic style was applied through wood material coated with sand to look like stone.

7 Most Popular House Concept Ideas
Source : https://mountainmodernlife.com/

The rustic style is a design concept that has the characteristics of massive use of furniture and furniture with a rough texture. Rustic itself has an old and rusty meaning, and is very focused on the use of iron, metals and natural materials. The rustic style is very flexible and suitable if you want to be combined with other architectural styles. A minimalist style that uses natural rock can also be easily combined with a rustic style. For example, houses in the village environment are made of rough wood. The outside appearance of this house can be categorized into rustic style because it has a material impression that is strong enough, with no finishing and sanded. A room with a clean modern style can also be added with some rustic style furniture that is usually not polished to add an ethnic feel.


6. Scandinavian House Concept

7 Most Popular House Concept Ideas
Source : https://architecturesideas.com

You might be surprised to learn that the beauty of Scandinavian-style houses was not fully known until the 1950s. Since then, this minimalist European design has earned much praise for many leading Scandinavian-style home designers and deserves to be taken into account.

The Scandinavian home model extends to Scandinavian countries in Northern Europe such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, which offer Scandinavian home concepts characterized by simplicity, functionality and minimalism.

The Scandinavian theme with a dominant white color that is bright and warm, furniture design that is smooth and almost without ornamentation, workmanship with perfect detail and understated elegance, are the main characteristics of Scandinavian home models. Natural lighting is considered very important, and many Scandinavian-style houses are characterized by the use of simple pastel colors with minimal ornamentation and material.

The wood material used is usually not finishing. Wood is better left natural, original, not polished, so that residents can enjoy the beauty contained in the wood material. In Scandinavian style designs, wood materials are usually combined with soft, monochrome and inconspicuous colors. Scandinavian-style colors are dominated by neutral colors such as gray and white which are dominant in the room. In addition to making the room more aesthetic, it turns out the use of this color can make a space that used to look cramped will look wider and more modern. You can also identify Scandinavian designs not only from the colors offered. Scandinavian design also has the characteristics of a large window because it can bring natural light.

7 Most Popular House Concept Ideas
Source : https://dexorate.com

Scandinavian designers are more interested in producing products that are functional, durable, at an efficient price. They believe that if the consumer really needs something, the item will be bought, but if not, it doesn’t need to be sold. In principle Scandinavian style design prioritizes functionality without losing its beauty and elegance.


7. Bohemian House Concept

In contrast to the minimalist style that looks neat and orderly, the bohemian interior design actually shows the impression of irregularity, but that’s where the unique characteristics and location of this design.

This design combines two concepts, namely vintage and shabby chic combined with unique. The combination of the two gave birth to a unique style. There are no rules in applying this concept, but there are some important components that you must not leave.

7 Most Popular House Concept Ideas
Source : https://dornob.com

The bohemian interior design concept is to describe the non-traditional lifestyles of people who lived wandering or homeless in the mid-1800s. Later, this term became synonymous with the word “gypsy”, which is a term applied to those who leave Bohemia in Central Europe to escape from rigid rules. They are nomads who do not like to stay in a place for a long time. Bohemian tends to refer to a free personality. Traveling continuously is an important aspect of a bohemian lifestyle.

7 Most Popular House Concept Ideas
Source : https://www.trulia.com 

Bohemian style is present because of disorder and uncertainty. All are made spontaneously and utilize whatever objects are there. However, there are distinctive features in bohemian style. Bohemian style is a style that is colorful and mixed with ethnic and vintage styles.

Whatever design concept you want to use in your home, one important thing is consistency in its construction. Many people who originally wanted to build a house with a minimalist style but later switched concepts because there was a collision when the construction process. Therefore the use of home architect services is very important if you want to build a house with a successful concept. In addition to maintaining the consistency of the concept of the house, using the services of architects to make your home is also important in conducting consultations on how to make a house with the right concept for personal, family and also for the natural conditions of your area.

In order to know more about how to design a house, be it furniture, parks, and whatever it is about the house. Continue to follow my blog, because when we share that’s the thing I want to go to the most. By sharing, everyone can take advantage of the ideas that I have given and if there are questions we just share together. Enjoy!

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