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Find and Share Ideas

Finding and sharing ideas is the concept of my blog, I will help you how to get extra house for a better, beautiful, and appropriate concept that you want. Be more and more advanced in finding ideas at Ekstrahouse.com!

Ekstrahouse.com is a site that I conceptualize as a blog for storing ideas that I have found about home. I am a home designer who likes to search for ideas via the internet be it social media or surf in other cyberspace.

I will publish articles to provide ideas and tips on various topics such as various styles of home design, outdoor decor, DIY decor, tips and ideas about storing and organizing as well as accessories and stylish furniture that are commercially available. All about the house I will discuss little by little in order to get the writing that I hope. Apart from that I will also share the latest interesting ideas at this time.


Ekstrahouse is Extrahouse that is giving the concept of a house that is more than usual home. Maybe you want to be different or more luxurious than others. Maybe like that article that I will share. To be more precise, always follow my blog.

I am sure that if we do something well we will definitely get something better. If I do something good then I will get good things from what I do. As it is when sharing ideas with someone, I hope I can also find new ideas that I will use for my work.

My goal is to provide as many ideas as possible and as much help as possible so that people can make a home that they have always loved. Don’t hesitate to contact me, let’s talk more home. Thank you

Ekstrahouse.com - something extra I will do!
Maret 2020